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Sell-Side equity research with industry expertise

Monitoring technology investments takes a time commitment. At One-On-One Research Corp. we focus exclusively on technology stocks. Our analysts have both industry knowledge and financial expertise. Our sell-side research is available via subscription to institutional investors. In this way, we generate investment ideas on numerous technology stocks. However, our expertise is also available on demand to institutional investors with specific situations to investigate.

Your research demands are fluid

Why can't buy-side staffing reflect the true nature of the work? We serve as your temporary research team. Whether it's earnings season, conference season, or simply a hectic news season, we're here to assist.

You can't be everywhere

There is always one more meeting or conference to attend; another data point that would be great to verify. We can serve as your proxy under special circumstances when time is critical, logistics pose a problem or manpower is tight. Professionals can request "exclusive" research services and bear the entire cost of production themselves or anonymously share the results with others.

Optimize your staff and minimize your expenses

Research must be conducted and yet, management fees must be controlled. What to do? We bring years of traditional institutional equity analysis to bear on your behalf. With One-On-One Research, you control the price; you control the timing.