The Financial Industry Is changing

At its inception, One-on-One Research issued reports on many technology topics and specific stocks.  For example, in 2005 it issued research on the business intelligence sector and highlighted the "Intelligence Era" as an emerging trend in the technology industry that would launch a new cycle of "smart systems".  The characteristics and potential of those systems were outlined in that report.

By 2008 One-on-One Research discontinued stock-specific research and switched focus to consulting services and an occasional paper on the financial system itself.

Consulting services range from business model review and technical consulting to interim executive positions. 

The topics of fragmentation, disintermediation, Regulation Fair Disclosure, Sarbanes-Oxley and high speed trading, were discussed in a working paper  “Information Flow and Finance: Compliance is a Poor Substitute for Accountability”.  This paper described, in laymen's terms, a three-phase accountability mechanism within financial institutions that was, in our view, inadvertently weakened over time. In our view, that mechanism drove a powerful internal system used to optimize both profitability and product integrity in the form of well structured, sustainable, liquid financial products.  Since that paper was written, billions of dollars have poured into the financial technology (“FinTech”) sector. It is our view that as FinTech matures, self-governance mechanisms could be reintroduced in an automated form.

We offer strategic assistance

"Crowd funding, micro-payment systems and block chain transactions (“financial innovations” or “innovations”) are in various stages of international deployment.  At their core, these are not new financial functions, but rather, examples of decentralized system architectures which influence dynamic capital allocation. In other words, by automating capital allocation, in full or in part, these innovations have the potential to impact the lifeblood of free market capitalism. As these innovations advance globally, policy and business issues will assuredly arise. In our view, these financial innovations represent the new diplomatic frontier of free market capitalism. They are not simply used to conduct capitalism: various forms of capitalism can be embedded within their very architecture."    October 12, 2015, D. Talbot, Founder of One-on-One Research.

About our founder

Dawn Simon-Talbot spent over two decades on Wall Street primarily in institutional technology research, corporate finance and portfolio management.  As an analyst she presented her work to financial professionals in locations such as Austria, Canada, England, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Sweden, Switzerland and the U.S.  She held "buy-side", "sell-side" and "back office" positions within multi-national financial institutions.  While earning her Masters degree in systems engineering she also managed the development of a multi-platform software system for an global financial institution that was later licensed commercially.   As an engineer, she received recognition for her work during the disaster recovery process of the first Wold Trade Center bombing.  Prior to working on Wall Street, she founded her first technology startup at the age of 26 which provided scripting classes, interactive kiosk design, financial analysis software and ad hoc prototyping. The firm counted over 20 of the Fortune 500 as clients.   At that time, she also consulted to a U.S. Air Force Base in the area of interface design and received a letter of commendation for the work.  

Ms. Simon Talbot has appeared on television shows such as CNBC, CNN, Bloomberg and MSNBC. She has been quoted in print publications such as Business Week, Smart Money, Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Nihon Keizai Shimbun, and Dow Jones News Service.  In 2009 she contributed to a book; "Critical Intellectual Property Issues Facing America: Issues Looking for Answers" by Robert Shearer, Dr. Vassilis Keramidas and James Malackowsky.  In June 2013, she was invited to present an original paper at the 3rd International Conference of the Financial Engineering and Banking Society which was organized by the Laboratory of Excellence for Financial Regulation. 



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